DISCOSEXUAL New York expresses a point of view of the modern world using the indulgent history of the disco era as its playground. DISCOSEXUAL New York playfully blurs the line between classic and contemporary.


In July of 2016, upon studying nightlife culture of the seventies and eighties, DJ and designer Isaiah Garrett became inspired to deliver something unique to contemporary nightlife. Showcasing modern interpretations of the glamorous and decadent motifs of prior decades resulted in an "anything goes", hedonistic disco heaven titled "DISCOSEXUAL". The event was also designed to be completely inclusive, bringing together people of different races, ages, and sexual orientations; this concept inspired the event's name.

"I don't want it to be a 'gay' party, I don't want it to be a 'straight' party. I want everyone there to have one thing in common... disco. Perhaps that's the only thing some of these people have in common."

Taking definite cues from Studio 54, the concept was refreshing for a climate in which the focus of nightlife has shifted more to targeting a demographic than the experience itself. Once stories and curiosity surrounding the event spread, it wasn't long before a "who's who" blend of DJs, artists, tastemakers, frequented DISCOSEXUAL or openly praised it. DISCOSEXUAL was becoming more than a party, DISCOSEXUAL was becoming a culture...


The Brand

After the acclaim of the events and resulting culture, DISCOSEXUAL was expanded into a small apparel line, which matured into a lifestyle brand and became "DISCOSEXUAL New York". DISCOSEXUAL New York remains true to the namesake and values of the original event concept. Under Isaiah Garrett's creative direction, DISCOSEXUAL New York seamlessly blends luxurious, innovative designs with distinct references to the past.

At the core of DISCOSEXUAL New York is a commitment to quality and attention to detail. Whether it's a handmade jacket or a graphic t-shirt, each garment is made in accordance with strict specifications concerning material, weight, fit, comfort, etc.


The Party

Organized by Isaiah Garrett, DISCOSEXUAL began in Albany, New York as a pop-up party designed to celebrate the past, present, and future of disco culture. The event drew an eclectic crowd of tastemakers, music aficionados, DJs, scenesters, drag queens- and everyone in between. With the party, Isaiah was free to re-imagine icons of the past, such as Studio 54, Paradise Garage, and The Loft. With its infamous "no requests" policy, the party's soundtrack blended classic disco gems and underground funk with nu-disco re-edits and house. Isaiah self-dubbed it his pleasure playground and personally invited those he considered to be "true masters of the genre", such as Jacques Renault (of Brooklyn-based "Let's Play House"), to become frequent DISCOSEXUAL fixtures. The "anything goes" environment of spawned tales of strobing lights, impromptu performances, go-go boys on roller skates, glamorous VIPs, and a culture of pure 1970's hedonism.